Regulators of the audiovisual media services of three Baltic states met in Vilnius

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On 16 September 2022 at the invitation of the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania, representatives of the regulatory authorities of the audiovisual media services sector of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia met in Vilnius.

The most important issues currently facing the regulators of these three countries were considered during the meeting. The possibilities of preventing Russian propaganda and disinformation in the Baltic States, the fight against piracy and copyright violations on the Internet, the challenges of regulation of on-demand video service providers and video sharing platforms, important changes in legal acts, etc. were the key issues of the discussions.

Much attention was paid to the discussion on how the national regulatory authorities of the three Baltic States could cooperate in further supporting the Ukrainian media, promoting the distribution of Ukrainian television channels, as well as reliable Russian-language media channels in the three Baltic States and in Europe more broadly.

It is very useful to discuss the most relevant issues of the regulation of the audiovisual media sector, because in their work the regulators of these three countries face very similar problems, which are easier to solve by exchanging their knowledge and experience. Besides, as practice has shown, goals are achieved, ideas are heard, attention is drawn to the damage caused by the authoritarian regime-controlled media, legal measures are established to defend one’s information space as well as ensure one’s national security only through joint efforts. Therefore, such meetings are very meaningful and productive.

The meetings of the regulators of the three Baltic States are traditionally held every year at the initiative of the regulator of one of these states. The next meeting is scheduled in Riga in 2023.



Last updated: 17-09-2022
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